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Afternoon Nursery- Child Smile

Cath from Child Smile came into Nursery this afternoon to show us how to brush our teeth properly! She had great big toothbrushes and puppets to show us how to…

Maths Week- AM Nursery

One of our Nursery boys took this picture in to share with his friends. He made this lovely picture at home with his mummy with different sized feathers.

Nursery- All About Me Booklet

Please return your completed all about me booklets to nursery as soon as possible. Thank you.

Child Smile- Morning Nursery

Cath from Childsmile came to visit us this morning to show us how to brush our teeth properly. We know that it is important to brush our teeth twice a…

Afternoon Nursery- Music time

We love music time with Alex! Alex comes to Nursery every Thursday afternoon for 30 minutes to do some singing with us. Alex has instruments that we use and we…

Nursery Number Hunt

Some of the nursery boys and girls went on a number hunt around the school for Maths Week Scotland! We found lots of numbers!