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Cafe P1M

We are having fun in our cafe. We made our own toast.  Everything in the cafe costs money and we have to pay with coins and get change back. We…

Plickers fun

We are learning about money and using a new way to test if our answers are correct, It is so much fun.

Making music together

Miss Sheerin helped us make music today. We are learning all about healthy eating and we read a story called ‘Handa’s Surprise’. Our job was to pretend to be the…

World Book Day 2018 – THAT’S NOT MY TEACHER!

Today after playtime, all teachers swapped classes to read stories to different children.  We had some very excited pupils and teachers, as you can see below!    

What’s the time?

P1M made clocks and have been learning to tell the time!  Chinani told us how to tell “o’clock” times as assembly!  Well done!

*Battle of the Books: Round 2*

On Tuesday, all classes dropped everything and read when the battling books arrived at their class. The books competing for votes were: The Bear and the Piano, and Grandad’s Island….

Chinese New Year

Primary 1M have enjoyed finding out about and celebrating Chinese New Year. We learned how each month of the year got its name. We heard the story of the race…