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Measuring volume

Measuring in class. Estimating and checking how many cups it takes to fill lots of different size containers.

Busy Bees P1M

Today we were so lucky to have a beekeeper visit us in our classroom. Ben’s mum and dad came to tell us all about keeping bees. They brought a real…

Minibeast hunting

We had lots of fun in our minibeast habitat. We built it ourselves. We had to find out how many different minibeasts we could find and identify them. Then we…

Special visitors to P1M

We had a wriggly good time with our worm friends. We put them back in the garden when we were finished.

Cafe P1M

We are having fun in our cafe. We made our own toast.  Everything in the cafe costs money and we have to pay with coins and get change back. We…

Plickers fun

We are learning about money and using a new way to test if our answers are correct, It is so much fun.

Making music together

Miss Sheerin helped us make music today. We are learning all about healthy eating and we read a story called ‘Handa’s Surprise’. Our job was to pretend to be the…