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Algebra Top Trumps in P7

P7 have been using solving algebra equations in special games of Top Trumps! It was a fun way to apply their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

P7’s Algebra Scavenger Hunt

Primary 7 pupils were applying their knowledge of simplifying algebraic expressions this week. They went on a scavenger hunt to find the answers to the expressions. They then had to…

Spelling Games in P7

P7 use some active games to practise their spelling. It can be quite hilarious! We haven’t tried writing with our toes yet!

French Holiday Phrases with P7

Primary 7 have been creating holiday phrases in French. They used sentence openers, places/countries, adjectives and connectives to piece the phrases together. French dictionaries were used for unkown French words.

Touch Typing in P7

Primary 7 have begun practising their typing skills. Touch typing is when you are able to type correctly without looking at the keyboard too many times. It also uses all…

P7 Draw in 3D

Primary 7 were learning about parallel lines and perpendicular lines. They used this knowledge to draw  3D street scenes. We will post some of our completed pictures when they are…

Science in the News

P7 has the opportunity to read about current scientific news during our ICT time. They selected an article that they found interesting and will report back to the class what…

Spring Time Cubism Art

P7 have busy creating wonderful spring time art work in a Cubism style. They used watercolour paint to make different shades of colours.

Harbour Expansion Project Visit

Primary 7 visited the brand new Harbour Expansion Project in Nigg Quay on Thursday. It is a very impressive multi million pound project. The pupils learned about the environmental protection…

Big Writing Planning in P7

P7 have been using the  Big Writing scheme to create their narrative and non-narrative pieces. Their writing this week was to write a short story about being faith in a…