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Nursery Newsletter – April/May, 2016

Please find attached the Nursery Newsletter for April/May 2016.  Please let us know if there is something you would like added to the newsletters in the future.  Your feedback is…

Morning Nursery- Duthie Park (Part 1)

We had great fun at the Duthie Park! The nursery children all planted their own sunflower seed, went on a colour hunt, had a picnic lunch then played at the…

Afternoon Nursery- Music Time!

The nursery boys and girls had great fun playing lots of different instruments in the dining hall this afternoon.     

Nursery and P4 reading buddies

The children from P4C were lucky enough to have reading buddies on Wear a Hat day this year which meant they got to go down and see all the different…

Morning & Afternoon Nursery- Wear a Hat !

Some photos of the nursery boys and girls with their hats they made in nursery!