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Afternoon Nursery- Easter Nests

This afternoon we used shredded wheat, melted chocolate and mini eggs to make some Easter Nests. 

Morning Nursery- Three Little Pigs

The children enjoyed the story of The Three Little Pigs. We then went outside to the wooden climbing frame and made our own little houses in the playground! 

Morning Nursery- Zumba!

We had great fun doing Zumba this morning with Mrs Gauld!

Morning Nursery- Recycling

We had a lovely walk this morning to recycle some rubbish. We then stopped at the park on the way back for a little play. 

Morning Nursery- Gym!

This morning at gym we had great fun! We did a little warm up, then had some fun with the balls, then cooled down to finish our gym session. The boys…

Morning Nursery- Water Fun!

Some of the boys and girls had fun making a water fountain with our Nursery Nurse student Miss Isaac.

Morning Nursery & P4C

The nursery boys and girls had a great morning playing with their reading buddies from P4C. We played together for the morning and also had snack a together! Here are…

Morning Nursery- Ice cubes & Sea animals!

We had fun with the sea animals and ice cubes. Miss Isaac put some fish into the ice cubes and we had to wait until the ice melted to get…

Morning Nursery Bears

This is who are taking home the nursery bears to look after this weekend!  Well done!