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Morning Nursery- Haddo House Trip!

The boys and girls had a great time at Haddo House for their end of term trip!

Afternoon Nursery- Hoodles Trip

The afternoon nursery had a great time at Hoodles Play Barn!!

Nursery to P1 Transition – Choosing our Buddies on Come and Play Days

Here are a few pictures of our future primary 1s playing together with the future P6s, in order to choose a buddy.  Earlier in the day the other future P1…

Nursery Induction Booklet

New nursery parents, Please find attached the Nursery Induction Booklet for session 2015-16.  We will attach an updated booklet for session 2016-17 when we can confirm staffing and some other…

Morning Nursery- Science Week

The nursery boys and girls enjoyed looking at all the display tables in the gym hall this morning for science week!

Beginning Primary 1! Information for Parents, 2016/17

Please find attached the “Beginning Primary 1” booklet, used in the first induction meeting. Beginning Primary 1 Booklet – Miss Forbes – PDF Many thanks,   Miss Forbes

P1 Induction Information for Nursery Parents

Hello there mum and dads.  I’m sure you’re getting excited and emotional about your wee ones joining us for Primary 1.  I have passed on a paper copy of the…

Nursery visits The Brutalist Playground

The nursery boys and girls have had great fun visiting the Brutalist Playground!                                 

Afternoon Nursery- Maritime Museum Visit

This afternoon some of the nursery boys and girls went to visit the Toys & Games exhibition at the Maritime Museum. Here are some photos…

Building a beanstalk!

Look how engrossed some of us were today making a beanstalk! We learned about teamwork, reusing materials, making things longer/shorter/thinner/thicker and how to persevere with a tricky challenge!  We even…