Parent Council Constitution

Constitution 2018 – updated September 2018 – WORD FILE

Constitution 2018 – updated September 2018 – PDF FILE

Constitution of Hanover Street School Parent Council


September 2018


In this constitution the terms ‘Parent Forum’ and ‘Parent Council’ are used.


The Parent Forum is the collective name for every parent, carer or guardian of a pupil at Hanover Street School.


The Parent Council is a group of parents selected by members of the parent forum to represent all the parents of children at the school.





The aims of Hanover Street School Parent Council are to support the advancement of education at the school.


This will be achieved by the following methods:


  • Communicating openly, clearly and regularly to the parent forum in order to identify and represent the views of parents, promoting cooperation with the school;


  • To work in partnership with the school to maintain a welcoming ethos which is inclusive for all parents;


  • To support the school in its work with pupils and engage in activities which support, develop and extend the education and wellbeing of the pupils;


  • To embrace our school’s cultural diversity, fully including all families and their cultural beliefs;


  • To work in partnership with the PTA Fundraising group to actively raise funds that support and develop opportunities that enhance children’s learning.





The Parent Council shall have the power to do anything considered by them to be in furtherance of the aims, whilst remembering that they are there to represent the views of the Parent Forum.


The Parent Council will have the power to set up sub groups to work on particular tasks.  Such sub-groups will consist of at least one member of the Parent Council and other parents/co-options as required.  All sub-groups will provide reports for the Parent Council.  All financial decisions recommended by such sub-groups need to be agreed by the full Parent Council.


Each member of the Parent Council shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority vote of those present. The Chairperson shall have a considered and casting vote. The Chairperson’s casting vote shall be used only in the event of a tie.





The membership consists of parents/carers of children attending Hanover Street School as selected by the Parent Forum.


There are no set rules about the size of the Parent Council and it is up to the parents to decide how large/small the Parent Council should be.


The membership of the Parent Council shall consist of parents of children attending the school.


The Head Teacher or his/her representative has a right and a duty to attend meetings of the Parent Council. They will attend meetings of the Parent Council on an advisory capacity and does not have voting rights unless these are given by the Parent Council/Parent Forum.


The Parent Council may co-opt members as required to help carry out functions for an agreed time-scale, and shall be eligible to be co-opted for a further term if necessary.


The Parent Council may co-opt any other member to fill a vacancy occurring between AGMs. The co-opted members shall retire at each AGM but shall also be eligible for election.


Parents shall always form the majority of the Parent Council.


The Parent Council may invite the church/denominational body to nominate a representative to be co-opted onto the Parent Council.  This is only mandatory in denominational schools.


Members/roles of the Parent Council shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).


A member of the Parent Council failing to attend three consecutive meetings without reason/apologies may be deemed to have retired from the Parent Council.






An Annual General Meeting will be held every year in the autumn, near the beginning of each school session.  The notice calling the meeting shall be sent to the Parent Forum at least two weeks in advance.


The main purpose of this meeting will be to share information between the Parent Council and the Parent Forum.  In addition, annual financial reports will be presented.


The AGM will be planned by the Parent Council at their first meeting each school year.


In the AGM, the business shall include:

  • the work of the Parent Council
  • approval of accounts
  • appointment of an individual who will review the annual accounts
  • any resolutions submitted by the Parent Forum
  • discussion about the roles of office bearers/class representatives, in preparation of election of these to serve on the Parent Council


The Parent Council will call an Extraordinary General Meeting if at least 20% of the Parent Forum asks for one to be held.  In the event of such a meeting being called, all members of the Parent Forum will be given notice at least one week prior to the meeting.  At Extraordinary General Meetings the quorum shall consist of at least 5 members.


At all general meetings voting shall be on the basis of one vote per parent/full Parent Council member present at the meeting.


At all general meetings the quorum shall consist of at least 5 members.





Elections will be held annually at the start of the school year.

In the event of more parents offering to serve on the Council than there are places, elections will be held with the parents of each year group.


They shall be elected for a one year term and be eligible for re-elections with a maximum term of two years for the chairperson role.  The office bearers will be elected by the Parent Council at the first meeting after the AGM.


The office bearers and their roles will be:



  • Makes sure PC/PTA meetings run smoothly and efficiently; are on time and are run in an inclusive and friendly way.
  • Delegates tasks to other members of the group and makes sure these are completed.
  • Should make sure all Parent Council/PTA members know they are there to represent allthe parents in the school.
  • Is the spokesperson for the group and liaises with the head teacher/school/local authority.
  • Has an important role in the school inspection. (See SPTC leaflet “School Inspections”)
  • Gives an annual report to the Parent Forum – usually at the AGM.



  • Responsible for creating agendas (with appropriate notice) and keeping accurate minutes of all meetings, making these available upon request to any member of the Parent Forum.
  • Ensuring meetings are well organised and minuted.
  • Maintaining records and administration – these should be kept in a file or storage box to be handed on to the next Secretary.
  • If the PC/PTA has charitable status, they should make sure legal requirements are met.
  • Handling communication and correspondence.



  • To keep accurate financial records.
  • To present a financial report at each Parent Council/PTA meeting.
  • Liaising with the bank and holding the cheque book.
  • Ensuring the proper counting and banking of money and making approved payments.
  • Paying agreed expenses.
  • Providing and accounting for cash floats at events.
  • Preparing the annual accounts and arranging for someone to check these.
  • Others as required



For Session 2018-19
Chairperson Abigail Davies
Secretary Saima Khan
Treasurer Zoe Cox
PTA Fundraising Group Jocelyn Angus, Rhoda Jamieson, Jodie Gray



Other Council members can request for items to be put on the Agenda by speaking with the secretary.  The Agendas will be issued by the Secretary to all Parent Council members at least one week in advance of the meeting.


Any member of the Parent Council will be able to call an additional meeting with the agreement of at least three other members.


In order to keep the Parent Forum informed of the work of the Parent Council, minutes of the last meeting will be displayed on the school website, and paper copies will be available from the School Office.


The meetings will be open to the public, although only Council members will be eligible to vote and speak on agenda issues.


If a Parent Council member (Office Bearer or Class Representative) acts in a way that is considered by other members to undermine the objectives of the Council, their membership shall be terminated if the majority of the members agree.  Such termination would be confirmed in writing to the member.  This parent shall remain as part of the school’s Parent Forum and suggestions, etc., still considered.





Meetings of the Parent Council shall be held as required.


A quorum is only valid if all the Parent Council members have been informed of the meeting, and sent notice of the items of business, in advance.


All Parent Council meetings shall be open and any member of the Parent Forum may attend although they will not have voting rights.


The Parent Council will meet at least four times annually (once a term).





The funds of the Parent Council shall be lodged in a bank, building society or other account in the name of the Parent Council. Cheques shall be drawn or withdrawals made against the signatures of at least two named Parent Council members.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of the financial transactions of the Parent Council. The accounts shall be brought to balance six weeks before the AGM and the accounts shall be reviewed by an individual appointed at the previous AGM by the Parent Forum.  This individual does not have to be a qualified accountant, just someone who is comfortable working with figures, who is not a member of or related to a member of the Parent Council and whom everyone trusts.


The Parent Council is responsible for ensuring that all property/money received by the Parent Forum and/or Parent Council shall be used clearly for the aims of the Parent Council.





Changes or additions must be made at an AGM or an EGM called for the purpose. The proposed change shall be specified in the notice calling the meeting and be approved by not less than two-thirds of those present.





In the event that the Parent Council ceases to exist, any remaining funds should be distributed for the benefit of the children at the school and/or Local Authority as necessary, providing the funds continue to be used for the advancement of education.