Nursery Policy Calendar – 2019/20

We review our policies and practices regularly.  To guide us, we create a calendar for each school session.

As appropriate, we involve children, parents, staff and our school community, to evaluate and update our policies and practices.

Please do respond to surveys, questionnaires and/or feedback sheets so that your contributions can be valued and included.



Here is our “Nursery Policy Updates Calendar” for session 2019/20, so far.


Nursery Policy Updates Calendar – Session 2019-20






(New Development)

Links to other policies/things to consider Ongoing Developments/

Things to Finalise

August Annual Updates/

Recap for new school session:

·       Induction Booklets

·       School Handbook

·       Child Protection

·       Data Protection

·       Missing Child Policy

·       Dealing with incidents of biting

·       Infection Prevention & Control

·       Administration of Medication

·       Positive Relationship & Behaviour Policy

·       Anti-Bullying Policy

·       Key Worker Policy

Indoor and Outdoor Environments


Pupil-friendly Risk Assessments


Risk Assessment Calendar


Supervision & PR&D

Clarify Risk Assessments for new developments

(water butt, outdoor toilet, mud kitchen, sandpit, woodwork and tinker table)


Self-Evaluation/Quality Assurance

Nurturing Approaches
October Staff Induction Nurture Statement

Additional Support Needs Statement

Relationships, Anti-Bullying, Key Worker, Staff Induction

November Healthy Eating & Snack Policy Play,

Learning & Teaching Policy

(continue drafting from previous session)

Care Inspectorate guidance: Food Matters

Setting the Table


First Aid Policy & Procedures Curriculum Rationale
January Management of Head Lice Prevention and Infection Play, Learning & Teaching Policy (to agree)

School Nurse

Play charter, out to play, play types tool kits, updated loose parts guidance, our creative journey, my world outdoors, animal magic

Outdoor Development

& Wee Green Spaces Information Pack


·  Policy for Adult Volunteers

·  Positive Relationships & Behaviour

·  Nursery Induction Policy

Parental Engagement Statement

& Curriculum Workshops

Nurture statement


Early Learners’ Aims

Missing/Absent/Lost Person Policy

Assessment, Recording

& Reporting

(to continue drafting from last session)

Observations, Highland Developmental Overviews, Reports,

Learning Journeys

April Emergency Evacuation Procedures Language & Literacy

(to begin drafting, linking to developments so far)

Business Continuity Plan

Emergent Approach to Literacy


Key Worker Policy & Procedures

Positive Relationship & Behaviour Policy

Nurture Statement