Vision Statement




Vision Statement

Hanover Street School’s aim is to create a welcoming, friendly, happy and safe environment to enable our children to achieve to their full potential and become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible, effective contributors to society.

School Aims

Our School Aims are:


  • to provide a welcoming, caring and friendly environment where children feel happy, safe and secure.


  • to provide challenging and appropriate learning experiences to promote successful learners within a full and balanced curriculum.


  • to promote responsibility, fairness, honesty and respect for others to enable children to become responsible citizens.


  • to develop communication, co-operation, perseverance and resilience to create effective contributors to society.


  • to encourage and develop good relationships between children, parents, staff and the wider school community.


There are summarised simply for our school community using the acronym, “HANOVER ST!”


It stands for:

H – Healthy & Happy

A – Achieving

N – Nurtured

O – Our Communities

V – Valued

E – Equitable

R – Respected & Responsible

S – Safe

T – Teamwork