Nursery Policies

Thank you for visiting our page of Nursery Policies.

We are involving children, parents and staff to evaluate and update our policies and practices. Please do respond to surveys, questionnaires and/or feedback sheets so that your contributions can be valued and included.

We will post more policies up here as and when they are updated, and all nursery staff have been consulted and then agreed to the final draft.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Here is our Nursery Policy Updates Calendar for session 2018/19, so far.

Nursery Policy Updates Calendar – Session 2018-19

Month Policy/Procedure Links to other policies/things to consider

Ongoing Developments


Annual Updates:

Child Protection

Data Protection


Displays (birthdays, etc.)

Environment &

Pupil-friendly Risk Assessments

Staff Induction/

Missing Child Policy


Anti-Bullying Policy (finalise)

Positive Relationship & Behaviour Policy

Nurturing Approaches/Nurture Principles


Infection Prevention

& Control


(new nappy guidance, June 2018 from Care Inspectorate)
November Key Worker Policy

(to begin drafting)

(further embedding the role of the Key Worker)

New Aims & Vision Key/Local Drivers


Child-Led Learning

Nurturing Approaches/Nurture Principles

January Play, Learning & Teaching Policy

(to begin drafting)

(initially focusing on the role of the adult in nursery)

New Aims & Vision

INSET from May 2018 – refer to this

Scotland’s Play Charter, Play Types toolkit, Aberdeen City Play Policy and Strategy


Outdoor Development

& Wee Green Spaces Information Pack

February Parental Engagement & Curriculum Workshops (begin PEEP group and devise simple policy statement)

New Aims & Vision

Key/Local Drivers


Child-Led Learning

March Assessment, Recording

& Reporting

Observations, Highland Developmental Overviews, Reports,Learning Journeys
April Language & Literacy

(to begin drafting)

New Aims & Vision

Key/Local Drivers


Child-Led Learning

May Additional Support Needs

(Policy Statement to begin drafting)

Positive Relationship & Behaviour Policy

Nurturing Approached/Nurture Principles

June/July Self-Evaluation/

Quality Assurance

(to create and finalise for new session, 2019/20)

New Aims & Vision

Key/Local Drivers


Child-Led Learning

Duty of Candour

National Guidance:

UNCRC- The Foundation of GIRFEC

Building the Ambition, Scottish Government, 2014

Health and Social Care Standards,Scottish Government,  June 2017

HGIOELC How Good is Our Early Learning and Childcare, Education Scotland, February 2016

My World Outdoors, Care Inspectorate, March 2016

Our Creative Journey, Care Inspectorate, August 2017

Scotland’s-Play-Charter-1, Play Scotland, 2017

Setting the Table Nutritional Guidance and Food Standards – 2015

Setting the table recipes

Out to Play, Scottish Government, December 2018

Space to Grow, Scottish Government, June 2017

Loose-Parts-Play, Scottish Government, 2016

Gender Equal Play in Early Learning and Childcare – Care Inspectorate, December 2018

Ready-to-read-booklet, Care Inspectorate, 2016

Play-Types-Tooolkit-bringing-more-play-into-the-school-day – Play Scotland, 2017



Our Most Recent Care Inspectorate Report:

Hanover Street School Nursery – Care Inspectorate Inspection Report – 7 Feb 2018


Previous Care Inspectorate Reports:

Hanover Street School Nursery – Inspection Report (16-17)


Aberdeen City Council Guides:

Guide to Integrated Children and Family Services 2019-20

A Guide to Education and Children’s Service 2018-19





General Application Information:

Click here:


Nursery Induction Information:

Nursery Induction Policy – June 2018

Beginning NURSERY Booklet – Miss Forbes – 2018-19 – PDF FILE


Child Protection, Behaviour, Health & Wellbeing & Safety:

HSS Updated Child Protection Notice – February 2019

HSS The 5 GIRFEC Questions February 2019 – portrait

HSS Full Child Protection Policy & Guidelines – February 2019

HSS Child Protection Policy Summary – February 2019


Anti-Bullying Policy – November 2018

Anti-Weapon Knife Crime Policy 14.9.17

Positive Relationships & Behaviour (Nursery) February 2018

Management of Head Lice Prevention and Infection – January 2019



Dealing with Biting Incidents November 2018

Adult Helper Policy – February 2019


Other Policies:

P1 Induction Policy – June 2018

Staff Supervision and PR&D Policy – February 2019

There are more policies in our nursery – we are uploading them to this site as appropriate and/or as updated.



Complaints Procedure

Please speak to the nursery team in the first instance – your key worker, Senior Early Years Practitioner or Class Teacher. If you’d prefer, contact Miss Forbes (DHT) or Mr Markey (HT); they have an open door policy. Otherwise, click on these links for information:

Unhappy about a care service and