Nursery/Early Learners Guidance

We use National guidance to guide and inform our practices.

Look below to view some of the most recent and important documents that we use in our nursery and early learning.

These, and others, can also be accessed on Education Scotland’s webpage:

National Guidance:

The Scottish Government:

UNCRC- The Foundation of GIRFEC

Building the Ambition, Scottish Government, 2014

Loose-Parts-Play, Scottish Government, 2016

Loose-Parts-Play-Toolkit, Scottish Government & Inspiring Scotland (Theresa Casey & Juliet Robertson) , 2019

Space to Grow, Scottish Government, June 2017

Out to Play, Scottish Government, December 2018


Education Scotland:

HGIOELC How Good is Our Early Learning and Childcare, Education Scotland, February 2016

Realising the ambition – Being Me, Education Scotland, 2020



Care Inspectorate:

Ready-to-read-booklet, Care Inspectorate, 2016

My World Outdoors, Care Inspectorate, March 2016

Health and Social Care Standards,Scottish Government,  June 2017

Our Creative Journey, Care Inspectorate, August 2017

animal-magic, Care Inspectorate, July 2018

food-matters-nurturing-happy-healthy-children, Care Inspectorate, December 2018

Gender Equal Play in Early Learning and Childcare – Care Inspectorate, December 2018

Bringing generations together, Care Inspectorate, February 2019


Play Scotland:

Scotland’s-Play-Charter-1, Play Scotland, 2017

Play-Scotland-Play-Types-Toolkit-bringing-more-play-into-the-school-day, 2017


Other Guidance:

Scottish Social Services Council – Codes of Practice for Social Service Workers and Employers – November 2016

Setting the Table, Nutritional Guidance and Food Standards NHS Scotland, amended April 2018

Setting the table recipes

Aberdeen City Play Policy and Strategy 2018


The Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare:

Funding Follows the Child, and the National Standard – 00544341

Early Learning National Induction Resource, 2019