School Policies

Thank you for visiting our page of School Policies.

We are involving children, parents and staff to evaluate and update our policies and practices.  Please do respond to surveys, questionnaires and/or feedback sheets so that your contributions can be valued and included.

We will post more policies up here as and when they are updated.

Many thanks for your continued support.

General Application and Induction Information:

A Guide to Education and Children’s Services 2018-19

A Guide to Education and Children’s Services 2017-2018

School Handbook – 2017-18

P1 Induction Policy

Standards and Quality Report 2016-2017, Improvement Plan 2017-2018

Standards & Quality Improvement Plan –  Hanover Street School 2015-16

Aberdeen City Council-Learning & Teaching Policy


Child Protection, Behaviour, Health & Wellbeing & Safety:

Child Protection Notice

Child Protection Policy – 2017

ECS-Anti-bullying-Policy-2017 (School’s Policy currently being redrafted)

Anti-Weapon Knife Crime Policy 14.9.17

Positive Relationships & Behaviour (School) February 2018

Management of Head Lice Prevention and Infection – January 2018

Code of Practice for Jewellery in Physical Education 2018