School Handbook & Policies

Thank you for visiting our page of School Policies.

We are involving children, parents, staff and the wider school community to evaluate and update our policies and practices.

Please do respond to surveys, questionnaires and/or feedback sheets so that your contributions can be valued and included.

We will post more policies here, as and when they are updated.

Many thanks for your continued support.

School Handbook:

Hanover Street School Handbook 2019-20


Induction Information:

New Families Induction Booklet 2021-22 – updated February 2022


Translatable link here:

Child Protection 

ACC Corporate Policy Child Protection March 2021

See also:

HSS Child Protection Policy Summary – August 2021 – Review August 2022

HSS Full Child Protection Policy & Guidelines – August 2021 – Review August 2022

HSS The 5 GIRFEC Questions February 2019 – portrait

HSS Updated Child Protection Notice – February 2019

Health & Wellbeing and Health & Safety:

Aberdeen City Council Anti-Weapon Policy 2020-21

Acceptable Use Policy for Computer & Internet

Administration of Medication Policy – August 2020 – Review August 2021

Anti-Bullying Policy – August 2019 – Review August 2020 –This will be reviewed in the new year with a pupil and parent working group

Code of Practice for Jewellery in Physical Education 2018

Emergency Evacuation Procedure August 2020 – Review August 2021 – with phone number removed


First Aid Policy – November 2022 – Review August 2023

Management of Head Lice Prevention and Infection – January 2020 – Review January 2021

Relationships and Behaviour:

Adult Helper Policy – February 2019 – Review August 2020 –This will be reviewed when helpers are allowed to enter the building with the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions.

Nurture Statement – March 2020 – Review December 2020

Positive Relationships & Behaviour (School) September 2019 – Review September 2020

RSHP Policy – October 2019 – Review October 2020 – This will be reviewed in the new year with a pupil and parent working group

Mobile Phone Policy – June 2022 – Review January 2023

Evaluation and Development:

Staff Induction Policy – September 2020 – Review February 2021

Continuous Review and Development (CR&D) Policy – February 2021 – Review February 2022

Complaints Procedure:

Please speak to the team in the first instance – office staff, your key worker or Class Teacher.

If you’d prefer, contact Miss Forbes (DHT) or Mr Markey (HT); they have an open door policy.

Otherwise, click on this link for information:

Compliments, Concerns & Complaints Procedure – November 2019 – Review August 2020