School Handbook & Policies

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We are involving children, parents and staff to evaluate and update our policies and practices.  Please do respond to surveys, questionnaires and/or feView Pageedback sheets so that your contributions can be valued and included.

We will post more policies up here as and when they are updated.

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School Handbook:

Hanover Street School Handbook 2018-19 – PDF File


General Application and Induction Information:

Guide to Integrated Children and Family Services 2019-20

New Pupil & Parent Induction Booklet 2019-20 (updated due to change in May Day holiday)

P1 Induction Policy – June 2018


Education Scotland Inspections – Most Recent


School Improvement Plans – Most Recent

HSS 19-20 SQUIP update (Standards and Quality Improvement Plan for 2019-20) – PDF File


School Improvement Plans – Previous

Standards and Quality Improvement Plan for 2017-18, Improvement Plan for 2018-19 – PDF FILE

HSS-SQUIP-16.17 (1) – PDF FILE

Standards & Quality Improvement Plan –  Hanover Street School 2015-16



Aberdeen City Council-Learning & Teaching Policy


P1 Transition/Induction Information for August 2019

Nursery-to-P1-transition-events-2019 – PDF File

Nursery-to-P1-transition-events-2019 – Word Document

P1 Induction Booklet 2019-20 – PDF File

P1 Induction Booklet 2019-20 (updated August 2019 due to change in May Day holiday)

Pl Induction Booklet – translatable link – HERE

P1 Induction Meeting Powerpoint – WEBSITE COPY


Child Protection,  Health & Wellbeing & Safety:

Aberdeen City Council Child-Protection-Corporate-Policy-and-Procedure November 2017 – Review November 2020

HSS Child Protection Policy Summary – August 2019 – Review August 2020

HSS Full Child Protection Policy & Guidelines – August 2019 – Review August 2020

HSS The 5 GIRFEC Questions February 2019 – portrait

HSS Updated Child Protection Notice – February 2019

Emergency Evacuation Procedure – April 2019 – Phone number removed for website




Anti-Bullying Policy – August 2019 – Review August 2020

Anti-Weapon Knife Crime Policy 14.9.17

Code of Practice for Jewellery in Physical Education 2018

Acceptable Use Policy for Computer & Internet

Management of Head Lice Prevention and Infection – January 2019 – Review January 2020



Relationships and Behaviour:

Positive Relationships & Behaviour (School) September 2019 – Review September 2020

RSHP Policy – November 2018 – Review October 2019

Adult Helper Policy – February 2019


Evaluation and Development:

Staff Supervision and PR&D Policy – February 2019


School Policy Updates Calendar:

Session 2019/20





(New Development)

Links to other policies/things to consider

Ongoing Developments/

Things to Finalise


Annual Updates/

Recap for new school session:

·       Induction Booklets

·       School Handbook

·       Child Protection

·       Data Protection

·       Missing Child Policy

·       Administration of Medication

·       Positive Relationship & Behaviour Policy

·       Anti-Bullying Policy

Outdoor area & Pupil friendly risk assessments


RSHP Policy

Supervision & PR&D


P1 Induction

Staff Induction

Nurture Statement

Additional Support Needs Statement

Parent, pupil and teacher feedback before October holidays


Healthy Eating & Snack Statement

Pupil and parent consultation?


First Aid Policy & Procedures

Curriculum Rationale

(to finalise)

Nurture Statement


Management of Head Lice Prevention and Infection

Play Statement

Gender equal play (Care Inspectorate)

Scotland’s Play Charter

Continue to improve pupil and parental participation across all developments

February Policy for adult volunteers Parental Engagement Statement & Curriculum Workshops


School Motto

(Welcoming, friendly,

happy and safe)

Assessment, Recording and Reporting Calendar


Moderation with ASG

Change in parents’ nights

Open days, etc



Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Learning and Teaching Policy (to finalise)

(Visible Learning Links)

Business Continuity Plan


House System