Staff Team 2020-2021



Senior Leadership Team:

Head Teacher                         Mr Alan Markey

Depute Head Teacher            Miss Gillian Forbes


Support Staff

School Administrator                                   Mrs Claire Mutch

School Support Assistant                            Mr Leigh Wilson/Mrs Pauline Glendinning

Janitor                                                             Mrs Diane Strachan

Cleaning Team                                              Olya, Esthera, Darren, Christina


Catering Team

Mrs Wendy Mackie, Mrs Deborah Reid, Mrs Justyna Grzonka, Mrs Anna Platek



Pupil Support/Classroom Assistants

Mrs Shelly Aros, Mrs Nicola Bannerman, Mrs Kirsteen Coutts, Mrs Pauline Glendinning, Mrs Gail Ingram, Miss Michelle McLeman, Mrs Amanda McHattie, Mrs Susan Shepherd



Nursery Team(s)

Morning Team

Mrs Morag Scott, Early Years Practitioner (EYP)

Mrs Ludmila Barkovska, EYP

Mrs Laura Henderson, EYP

Miss Amy Milne, Modern Apprentice EYP

Mrs Sajni Khan, Support Worker



Afternoon Team

Mrs Sarah Lemmon, Senior EYP (SEYP)

Miss Kirsty Anderson, EYP

Mrs Rhonda Gauld, EYP

Mrs Kelly Smith, Trainee EYP

Mrs Juliet Bentley, Trainee EYP

Miss Hannah Gillilan, Support Worker



Class Teachers:

P1                    Miss Nathalie Anderson & Mrs Sarah Cooney (Thurs)

P1/2                 Mrs Davina Smith & Mrs Natalie Stables (Thurs)

P2                    Miss Catherine Sabbagh

P3                    Miss Jennifer Bloomfield

P4                    Mrs Fiona Williamson (Mon) & Miss Lillian Shivas (Tues – Fri)

P4/5                 Miss Leanne Mainland & Miss McGowan

P5                    Mr Connor Dean & Mrs Fiona Williamson (Tues)

P6                    Miss Natasha Coll

P7                    Miss Jennifer Wallace



Wider Staff Team

Mr Jed Gilchrist

Miss Laura McGowan

Mrs Leanh La Gray


Wider School Community:

Educational Psychologist: Mrs Fiona Nicol

School Chaplain: Salvation Army, Aberdeen Citadel

School Nurse: Mrs Kerry Bell

Active Schools Coordinator: Joanna Bell

Parent Council Chairperson: Hannah Davidson/Jodie Paterson




*This team list was created August 2020. Please note that it is subject to change, especially due to responsive nature of adapting to COVID-19 circumstances and related risk assessments.