World Book Day Book Swap – 3.3.16!

To help celebrate World Book Day, children from Nursery to Primary 7 embraced the idea of our school’s Book Swap.  It was held in the Dining Room and we all managed to get at least one new book.  One pupil even brought in FIFTEEN books to swap!  This was to kindly allow those children who did not manage to bring in a book, to receive one anyway.  WOW!


Have a look at some of the photos to see how much the children enjoyed it.  It was just lovely seeing them feel excited about reading and discussing their choices/swaps.  Now that the boys and girls know how they work, I’m sure our book swaps in the future (including swaps for parents) will be even more successful!


Well done everyone!  And a special thanks goes to Miss Palin and Miss Gutsche for helping sort and display the books to make choosing new ones even easier!