P5’s Extraordinary Science Week of Fun!

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P5 were learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases.

We watched and carried out lots of science demonstrations about solids, liquids and gases. Amulya’s favourite was the dry paper towel trick. William’s was the density layers. Bence enjoyed showing other classes our dancing popcorn.

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We learned about the particles that make up solids, liquids and gases and the properties of each.

We learned that oxygen and carbon dioxide are types of gases and air is made of a mixture of different gases.

We enjoyed seeing all of the other classes and their science work on Friday. Tudor enjoyed P3’s magnets. Isabelle, Amulya, William and Tudor said that P4’s electricity quizzes was their favourite stand. Raya enjoyed looking at the P1’s chrysalises. Bence liked the P6 parachutes. Oliwia and Abrar enjoyed watching Nursery’s tadpoles. Holly liked P7’s rust investigation.