Primary 1 – Successful School Dinners!

Thank you to all parents for attending last week’s School Dinner trial.  We hope that doing it over a few days with a choice of menu was a success. Thank you for parents for the positive feedback, and of course to Wendy and her team from the kitchen.  They said it was a big improvement on previous years!  🙂

Here are some photos to show how settled our P1 pupils have become at lunchtime.  Thanks to the P7 buddies for their help showing the P1s what to do/where to go, Mrs Murray and Miss Palin for assisting during their lunch hour and our PSAs with encouraging the pupils to try new foods/eat up as much as possible.  And of course – well done to our boys and girls!  You are being superstars!  With managing to line up, choose food from a selection, ask in a big, loud voice AND tidying up afterwards, are you sure you’re not in Primary 2?!

Miss Forbes


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