Primary 2/3’s Christmas poem

Primary 2/3 have used the adjectives they found on their adjective hunt and worked together to write their own poem. We hope you like it, and enjoy the challenge of seeing how many adjectives you can find! Happy Christmas everyone!

We Love Christmas!
By Primary 2/3

Excited children having fun
Busy parents on the run
Mysterious parcels under the sparkling tree
With its bright shiny star for all to see
Delicious mince pies for us to eat
Tired adults hoping to have time for a seat
Colourful decorations hung up with great care
Can you see Santa anywhere?
With his red suit, black boots and big fat belly
Will there be wobbly wobbly jelly?
Hang up our little stockings
At the end of our cosy beds
Hoping for a juicy satsuma
While dreaming of exciting toys in our heads
Will Rudolf be flying through the dark snowy night?
We are excited, emotional, happy and glad
That Christmas Day is on its way!