Primary 5: Crime Scene Detectives

Primary 5 became Crime Scene Detectives at Aberdeen Science Centre to solve the mystery of a stolen diamond.

There were 4 suspects that it could have been, so we had to investigate different clues to catch the thief.

First, we had to use digital microscopes to match a torn piece of clothing found at the crime scene to clothing that belonged to the 4 suspects.

We discovered the torn clothing belonged to Suspect 1.




There was a mystery powder found in the vault. We used different scientific tests to work out what the powder was. We worked out it was bicarbonate of soda.

Finally, we found out that the thief left a note…








We had to use chromatography to match the ink from the note to the pens used by the 4 suspects. We found that even though all 4 subjects used black ink, the ink was made up of different colours.

The ink from the note matched the pen belonging to Suspect 1: Robin Hood!

Mystery Solved. Case Closed.