Flying Eco Pigs

One of the aims of our Eco Committee is to promote knowledge and understanding of environmental issues. We also intend to take action to address issues.

Together we came up with the slogan ‘If we all work together we can do anything. We can change the world. We can even make pigs fly.’

To raise awareness of environmental issues in our school, local community, and further afield, we have set up an eco- craft club at lunchtimes. We are making flying pigs from paper mache to highlight environmental issues. Every pig is unique, and each one has an environmental message on it. We have named our project “HSS Flying Eco Pigs.”

We have made enough Eco Pigs to start giving them away in our community. The Maritime Museum have agreed to display one of our pigs. This pig will have the message ’Save Our Oceans. Say No To Plastic Straws’.

The Eco Committee is organising a campaign to highlight the harm single-use straws do. Many millions of straws are thrown away every day. Many of these straws end up in our oceans and are a great danger to marine life.

In the coming weeks we will be giving our pigs away to raise awareness of various environmental issues.
We desperately need plastic lids to make our pigs snouts. Lids from large tubes of toothpaste are the perfect size.

We intend joining Aberdeen University Marine Society in a Beach Clean Up. We would like as many people as possible to join us, details to follow.

If we all work together we can do anything. We can change the World. We can even make pigs fly!