Parent Council Minutes from meeting on 16.1.18

PC meeting 16.01.2018 minutes

PC meeting 16.01.2018 minutes


Hanover Street School

Parent Council Meeting

16 January 2018 at 9.15am


Attendees: Mr Alan Markey, Miss Gillian Forbes, Miss Julieann Butchart, Mrs Jocelyn Angus, Mrs Angela Calder, Miss Rhoda Jamieson, Miss Abigail Davies, Miss Stephanie Campbell, Mr Simionescu Dragos and Mrs Saima Khan.

Special Guests: Mr Dell Henrickson (counsellor) and Mr Michael Hutchison (CPLR)

 1. Welcome

Julieanne welcomed everyone.

  1. Apologies and matters arising


Apologies: Mr Afolabi Otitoju. Miss Whitney Stuart.

Miss Stuart will no longer attend the PC meetings due to forthcoming house move.


Matter arising: No matter rose.



  1. Head Teacher’s updates


Update on School improvement Plan and PC’s involvement in it.

Mr Markey explained about the improvement priorities

1-3, and intended outcome(s).


Priority 1:

  • To increase practitioner skills and develop a more consistent approach to writing across the school in order to raise attainment.


Intended outcome:

  • Increased practitioner knowledge and skills in the delivery of writing.
  • A consistent approach to writing across all stages using the benchmarks to inform practice
  • Increased attainment in writing across the school.
  • Learners experience high quality learning experiences in writing that encompass the 7 principles of curriculum design.

Priority 2:

  • To develop effective assessment and moderation and practice in Numeracy.

Intended Outcome:

  • Collation of resources to support assessment of children’s progress in Numeracy.
  • Increased confidence in using the Benchmarks to track progress in Numeracy and Mathematics.
  • Engagement with ACC Numeracy progression pathways.

Priority 3:

  • Nurturing approaches

Intended Outcomes:

  • Setting up and running of consistent nurture support in the school to provide support for identified children with social, emotional and behavioural needs.
  • Further develop a nurturing ethos leading to increased nurturing support across the school.
  • All staff competent in using Boxall profiles to identify children who require support/intervention.

Moreover he talked about specific actions to be taken and short evaluation, regarding school improvement plan.

Mr Markey and Miss Forbes talked about Continuing Development Work 2017-2018 and highlighted important points related to it.

School improvement plan is available on the school website as well.


School vision – how to share with parents and community.

Miss Forbes once again discussed and explained about the school vision (H.A.N.O.V.E.R.S.T and GIRFEC) and to consider more possible ways to share it with parents and other communities.


Behaviour Policy updates

Miss Forbes and Mr Markey updated about the Behaviour Policy that was given to the parents and staff as a draft. It will be finalised including school vision and anti-bullying policy, in 12 weeks of time.

She discussed the other possibilities to spread the school vision and its policies to parents and other communities.

Miss Forbes talked about Hand washing challenge.

Details are given on school website.

Miss Forbes said that positive relationship and behaviour policy is not just about expectations of people or expectations of staff or expectations of parents’ behaviour but about the whole community.


Anti-Bullying Policy – council policy and school’s consultation.

Miss Forbes talked about the RESPECTME program.

This is basically Scotland’s anti-bullying service. There is the link to this on school website as well. There is a parent guide on school website also.

Aberdeen City Council has done lot of work in forming its own anti-bullying policy which is on the website.

Miss Forbes showed school own policy and she discussed the ways to consult with parents and staff. One of the new ideas is Survey Monkey.

Miss Forbes said that with all this, school vision, behaviour policy, anti-bullying policy, school works together with Parent Council and Pupil Council to get everybody’s voices included.


Ceilidh – arrangements.

Mr Markey talked about Ceilidh arrangements.

Dates for Ceilidh event for children and parents are given on school website.

He explained that this time event is split up into morning and afternoon.

Tea and coffee arrangements will be there.


World Book Day – target specific parents (dads and EAL families?)/people to be reading champs in class (Volunteers to read a story!)

Miss Forbes asked Parent Council to support to gather volunteers with other languages and other communities (specifically dads) to involve in reading stories to a group of kids in class.


Julieanne asked Miss Forbes if folks other than Parents could involve in it. Miss Forbes agreed. Miss Forbes asked Mr Henrickson for his support in this regard and he was positive.

  1. Treasurer update

Panto and other events raised good sum of money as compared to the past years’.


  1. PTA update

 Winter Fair follow-up – thanks to local businesses.

Miss Rhoda Jamieson talked about it. It was positive feedback.

There was a big hand of local businesses as ASDA, Sainsbury’s and some other.


Sponsored events for fundraising – discuss.

Mrs Jocelyn Angus talked about it. She was excited and confident about the sponsored events ahead.

Discussed some new ideas as well. E.g. Fashion Show.


Bingo Night in Feb and related risk assessment.

Meeting to be confirmed


Fundraising Thermometer – target and display.

Mrs Jocelyn Angus talked about Fundraising Thermometer for the Parents to know what is going on with the funded money and all.

Mr Markey said that it should be done in the next few weeks.

  1. Chair’s Community Update.

Wales St. Garden.

Julieanne talked about the Wales Street Garden Project and asked if the school could involve in it .e.g. in planting and such stuff. Response was positive.

Participatory Budgeting info.

Mr Hutchison explained about what the actual PB (Participatory Budgeting) process is. Julieanne explained a bit more about the progress PB has done so far.

Suggestion was given to involve UDECIDE with school funding. Miss Forbes and Mr Markey had a positive response.  Julieanne to meet with Miss Forbes and create a funding bid by 31st January – deadline for submission.

  1. AOCB.
  • Mrs Jocelyn Angus talked about the Rainbow Raiser for the Leanne fund she found on Facebook.
  • Julieanne talked about the 2nd vice chairperson.
  • Miss Forbes talked about the Food Policy having suitable for vegetarian and Halal stuff as Hanover Street School is a multinational school.
  • Mrs Jocelyn Angus talked about the Easter Hamper Raffle.


  1. Date and Time of next meeting.

Next meeting was decided to be held on Tuesday 27th of February at 1:45pm.