Miss Forbes is going to Rwanda!



This summer holiday, I am venturing to Rwanda for 4 weeks through an educational development programme called “Global Learning Partnerships,” run by the Wood Foundation.  There, I will be working with Rwandan students and teachers and also some other Scottish teachers to develop education there, which will in turn allow me to develop education at home at Hanover Street School and Aberdeen.


Those of you who know me well will know that I’ve always loved teaching, loved learning and always aim to be the best I can be so that we can all make a difference to our children, neighbours and people in the world, near and far. I also love travelling – there’s so much more to this than “holidaying” but learning about cultures, global developments and again, being “real” and making an impact.

To develop my leadership skills this year, I’ve been undertaking a coaching diploma through Aberdeen City Council and General Teaching Council (Scotland). It is based on non-directive coaching and encouraging and empowering others to reach their own goals and build leaders for the future. It’s about building capacity, creating a legacy and lasting effect on both my and others’ efforts.

I couldn’t say no to the opportunity of Global Learning Partnerships (GLP), led by the Wood Foundation in helping develop both of these skills and interests – especially when my Granda used to work at “Woodies”, Sir Ian Wood’s father’s business, just across the water from where I live in Old Torry!

So what will this experience achieve and why should you help me get there?

Participating in the GLP 2018 allows me to have input in the classroom with the young people in Rwanda, but most importantly, allows me the opportunity to work with and help develop teachers/education practices there – helping to make a real lasting effort. This is not a project for solely me – I will be sharing my experiences with the staff, pupils and families at school to again, further the impact.

Through this I’ll be raising awareness of Learning for Sustainability (LFS).


LfS is an inter-disciplinary approach to teaching and learning that aims to equip Scotland’s young people with the values, knowledge, attitudes, capabilities and skills which enable them to become active global citizens. LfS provides a context for learning, encouraging learners to develop their understanding of their environment and consider how our social, cultural, political and economic systems are interconnected. It develops our core competencies; encouraging critical enquiry and self-reflection, providing us with the skills and practices needed to make equitable and sustainable decisions. LfS is a key area of a teacher’s career-long professional learning and is part of GTC Scotland’s Professional Standards.

Thank you for reading this. I’m really hoping this experience will inspire me and inspire others.

The whole experience costs nearly £6500.  The Wood Foundation donate £5000, the remaining amount I will fund-raise and donate myself.

I will be arranging some in-school fundraising opportunities very soon, so I’d like to say THANK YOU in advance for your support!

In the meantime, if you’d be so kind to donate even the smallest amount, here is my Crowdfunding page: