P5 Homework Help and Hints

Hopefully most of Primary 5 will have had the chance to share and talk about their Jacobite homework with someone at home.

As explained on the sheet, pupils must pick one task to complete over the next 2 weeks. If pupils have time to complete more than one task to a high standard, they can choose to do another if they wish.

I have posted photos on the class’ Dojo story to give some starting points or inspiration if needed. These tasks are designed to encourage pupils to extend and lead their own learning in a challenging and enjoyable way. Please get in touch with Mrs Gray if you or your child has any concerns or questions. The two weeks provided is to allow pupils to plan their time appropriately and spend the first week choosing, researching and gathering resources. This means they should be spending most of the second week on making/writing their homework to be ready for the 16th of March.

This homework is not to be done in normal homework books. Resources such as poster paper, card, scissors etc can be borrowed from school. Use the first week to organise this, please.

I hope the pictures below will help pupils get started. They are not to be copied, but to help with ideas of how primary 5 can complete some of the tasks.

Wanted Poster 

Highland Living 

Here are images of traditional highland cottages or ‘black houses’ from the 1700s. People living in the highlands of Scotland during the Jacobite rebellions would have probably lived in houses like these. Please see some models made by pupils from another school when given this task in the last photo.

Battle Timeline

Here is a simple timeline displaying important Jacobite dates. Please note that these are not just the battles and show dates before 1745. 

Highland Clans

Here is the template you can ask Mrs Gray for to help you with this task. You can display it any way you wish though!


Here are targes (shields) and weapons made by other pupils. Follow this link to see photos of our P7 class with the targes they made in Primary 5 : https://hanover.aberdeen.sch.uk/2016/05/13/welcome-to-culloden/