Parent Council Meeting Minutes

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Hanover Street School
Parent Council Meeting
Tuesday 27 February 2018 at 1.45pm

1. Welcome
Attendees: Julie-Anne (Chair), Stephanie (Secretary) , Jocelyn (PTA), Zoe (Treasurer),
Abigail, Miss Forbes, Mr Markey, Cllr Henrickson, Cllr Hutchison

2. Apologies and matters arising
Apologies: Rhoda and Afolabi (running late), Saima

3. Head Teacher’s updates
•Different homework challenges for sharing the school vision have been popular. The
family involvement has been a talking point for the children. Remaining parts of the school
vision are to still come
•Pantasaurus book has been really popular with the classes that have read it.
•Rights Respecting Schools, currently at bronze level (Rights Committed), working towards
silver (Rights Aware) with lots of boxes being ticked. Miss Wallace is to undertake a course
to assist this development – “101 ways to implement rights respecting schools”
•Eco updates: P3 and Mrs Elrick’s messages on flying pigs have been really positive and has
been picked up across the city to help raise awareness.
•We are awaiting confirmation regarding the sponsoring of the Eco pigs. The class has
been asked to launch a litter pick. Sir David Attenborough has been written to and he
•Old, dress even broken jewellery has been requested to glam up “glitter pigs”
 Nursery and school positive relationships and behaviour policies updates :
Previously an inconsistent use across the school of bounce back (resilience and
relationships programme), now relaunched on Friday afternoons and consistently
delivered throughout the school. Bounce Back is a significant part of our positive
relationships policy and therefore it can now be “launched”. Another part of it is
restorative approaches. Training and input for restorative approaches will take place
next session. There is a page in the policy outlining expectation of staff, parents and
pupils (page 8). This is on the website. We aim to make sure parents read up on it.
All classes are now involved in the class dojo app, positive feedback was obtained
from parents of the council. Some parents are not yet enrolled, looking at an after
school sign-up and info time, to help find out reasons why not signed up, see if there
is a way we can support those who maybe don’t have access.
 Anti-bullying policy update: Staff survey was completed, there was a parent and
pupil survey completed. It was sent to the council where Caroline Hastings praised
the positives, they are to be added to the write up.
 Head lice prevention and infection policy: We now have a policy written up which is
based on 3 different national guidance policies. They are now available on the
school’s site with clickable links to bring you to the relevant documents. NHS has a
link to treatments too, with advice on going to pharmacists to get correct treatments.

4. Treasurer update
£2378.56 is current balance
Audit is due by 30th June, paperwork is going to be done by 31st March.

5. PTA update
 Thermometer is done! Wonderful job has been done by the P7 class
 4 thousand pounds is our target for the year. Was started after the Autumn disco,
will be carrying on for the entire school year.
 Bunny drive to be held on Tuesday 27th of March, raffle, a hamper and the guess the
bunny’s birthday are some events to be held on the day.
 Delivery of thank you cards are to be handed out soon, a few children are going to do
it with Miss Forbes
 A survey regarding Parent council events will be drawn up and shared with parents
(and staff)

6. Chair’s Community Update
 The applications for the participatory budgeting has been put in (bid going in for
£2500 for developing the outdoor space and £1000 for a “Connecting Cultures”
 Contacted Ann Knight regarding publicity for the event on the 10th of March. Still to
hear back, Chair of the community council forum is also helping to chase up
 Internet awareness event to be reorganised due to low turnout at the last event.

 Miss Forbes is going to Rwanda for 4 weeks in the summer. Developing education and
bring back info (LFS). Costs £6500, £5000 is already funded. £1500 is still
needed. Looking at different events to help raise money. A sponsored cycle has been
put forward to involve the kids and parents. Books, boxes bakes etcetera will still be
 Hoodies. The parent council will pay £7 of the cost; parents are expected to pay the
remaining £10.
 Another vice chair is requested. Afolabi is behind this idea.

8. Date and Time of next meeting
Wednesday 28 March at 1.45pm in meeting room