Welcome back to school! Here’s to a fabulous session, 2018/19!


Welcome back everyone!  From all at Hanover Street School, we hope you had a lovely summer holiday, enjoyed the weather and had some good family fun!

We were glad to see all the primary pupils back yesterday, joined today by the nursery boys and girls.  You have all grown and look so smart. We’re looking forward to hearing all your stories – we have missed you!

We welcome a few new pupils and families to the school.  They have been given information for induction, which is in the form of the booklet and other leaflets:

NewPupil&Parent Induction Booklet 2018-19 – Word File

NewPupil&Parent Induction Booklet 2018-19 – PDF File

Please, if you have been a part of the Hanover Street School community either for a short or long time, do consider reading this.  There is information about our school vision, and new positive relationships and behaviour policy, and some important health and safety updates also.


If any of you would prefer to receive a paper copy, please request this at the school office.


Finally, a big welcome back and thank you all for your continued support!

Mr Markey and Miss Forbes