School Development – Outdoor Learning CPD with Mandy Tulloch of Mud Pies

Mandy Tulloch led a great staff meeting/training, to promote the use of outdoors in our learning and teaching at Hanover Street.


Why teach outdoors?

It’s good for science and developing biologists to protect our future.

It’s goof for business and industry – much research and development is based on the natural world

It’s good for Health and Wellbeing!

Key messages for teachers (and children and parents)

  • It’s okay to get dirty
  • It’s okay to pick flowers
  • It’s okay to play with sticks and stones
  • It’s okay to climb
  • It’s okay to go out when it’s rainy
  • It’s okay to go out in the wind
  • It’s okay to go out in the ice and snow
  • Have fun!


P1 Classes have already been outside today for some outdoor literacy!  Well done P1!