Rotary Club Shoebox Charity Collection 2018 – O Is for “Our Communities”


“O” is for Our Communities

(Learning for Sustainability and helping to build a just, equitable and peaceful society)

Donations from Hanover Street School

These past couple of years, our school families have very kindly donated filled shoeboxes for the project detailed above.  We gathered up a large pile of donations, and the Pupil Council or Senior Classes sorted them into boxes which were then collected and sent to people who need support.



This year, for the whole school to be more actively involved, each class have received 3 boxes to fill.  The recipients of the boxes for each class are detailed below:



·        Babies


P1C & P1M:

·        Girls aged 3 – 5

·        Boys aged 3 – 5

·        Household goods for older folk & families


P2 & P2/3

·        Babies

·        Girls aged 5 – 10

·        Boys aged 5 – 10


P3 & P4:

·        Female Teenager

·        Male Teenager

·        Household goods for older folk & families



P5, P6, & P7:

·        Female Teenager

·        Male Teenager

·        Household goods for older folk & families



So, what can YOU donate?

Suggested items:

TOYS: Matchbox type cars, small bouncy balls, yo-yos, dolls, colouring books, crayons, felt tip pens, pencils, notebooks, jigsaws, lego  (No chocolate or sweets in toy boxes, no war related toys or toys that need batteries)

TEENAGE: make-up, toiletries, sports-wear, hats, gloves, scarves, comb and mirror, writing materials, etc.

HOUSEHOLD: washing powder, fairy liquid, hand soap, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, disinfectant, letter paper and envelopes, ball point pens, etc. (By adding warm gloves or scarf, the box in suitable for an older person)

Please bring in any donations – no matter how big or small, by Friday 9 November.

If you have something for a different class’s box, do bring it in anyway.  Our pupils can deliver them to the correct class.


Thanks again,

Gillian Forbes

Depute Head Teacher

*The boxes they are always short of, are for Teenagers and Household