Christmas Tree Lights Switch On – Thursday 22 November 2018

The House Captain and Vice-House Captains joined Miss Forbes and Mrs Shafi to the annual “Christmas Tree Lights Switch On” Service.  We were also joined by MANY Hanover Street School families!  It was just LOVELY to see so many of our school community there; thank you!  🙂

The service included speakers from Stavanger, Norway (a twinned city of Aberdeen), Barney Crockett (our Lord Provost, and former Hanover Street School Pupil!), Major Gilly Hoitinga (from the Salvation Army, Aberdeen Citadel), Lorna Glen (a former Aberdeen Head Teacher and representing other churches in Aberdeen), and some other speakers from the Aberdeen Community.


Thereafter, our children went to the Citadel cafe, where the Salvation Army were giving free teas, coffees and mince pies to the community. As you can imagine, this was welcomed greatly by the children to heat them up after being outside in the Castlegate for a while!


The House and Vice Captains spoke about our school to interested members of the public.  And they also advertised our Winter Fair.  Well done, boys and girls – fantastic representatives of our school.  We’re proud of you!  Keep up the great work!