Hanover St Nativity

Dear Parent/Guardian


Primary 1 – 3 Nativity Performance


Pupils in Primaries 1 – 3 will perform their nativity play Children of the World on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th December at 10.00am in the school gym hall. The play is expected to last around 30 minutes and refreshments will be served in the dining hall afterwards.


Please let us know your preference by completing the tear-off slip below, returning it to the school office. We will try our best to accommodate your choice but please note that this will be on a “first come first served basis.”


If you do not have a preference as to which you would like to attend please tick option 3.


We ask that the slip be returned to school by Friday 7th December. Tickets will be issued during the week prior to the show.


Yours sincerely

Alan Markey

Head Teacher 


Primary 1 – 3 Nativity (Children of the World)


Option 1

I would like ____ ticket(s) for the performance on Wednesday, 12th December


Option 2

I would like ____ ticket(s) for the performance on Thursday, 13th December


Option 3

I would like ____ ticket(s) for either performance


Name of Child _______________________________ _________________   Class________


Signature_____________________________________________________ Date________