Nursery Newsletter, January 2019

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Hanover Street Nursery Newsletter

January 2019

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Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful festive break with your families and friends.  It’s great to see you all back and getting settled into the “back to nursery” routine.  We sincerely hope that 2019 is a great year for you all, which brings you good health, fun and fortune!

Staffing – Changes to the nursery team for 2019

We are experiencing some change in nursery this term.

Mrs Davina Smith, class teacher, will sadly no longer be in nursery.  She is now fulfilling the Support for Learning Teacher role in the primary stages.  She has filled the “unfillable” gap, left behind by Mrs Elizabeth Elrick, who retired at Christmas time.  We must thank Mrs Smith for her hard work, diligence and sparkly smile.  In her short time in our team, she did a huge amount to push forward development and support our wider team of SEYP/EYPs.  Thank you, Mrs Smith!  She will pop in past to see the children (whom she is already missing!) from time to time.

Mrs Laura Leaper has been successfully appointed as an EYP in Scotstown School, in Bridge of Don.  Mrs Leaper has been with us since October 2015.  In that time, we have seen her change from Miss Mutch to Mrs Leaper, become a wonderful mum to her baby boy, and now moving job to be closer to home.  Again, we must thank Mrs Leaper for her efforts.  She will be missed by the children and families, and the staff will miss her super quick computer skills and sense of humour!  Her last working day here at Hanover Street will be Friday 11 January. Good luck, Mrs Leaper; don’t be a stranger.

Mrs Candice Westerman, who has been absent for a significant period, has now decided to not return, and is instead concentrating on enjoying her wee boy at home. We wish her and her family all the best.  Mrs Leaper’s and Mrs Westerman’s part-time posts will now be combined to a full-time post, which will be advertised and hopefully filled, shortly.


To support the team in these staff changes, Miss Kirsty Anderson (EYP) will now work full-time, Monday to Friday.  A new addition to our team is Mrs Sandra Ceylan (EYP).  She is working in nursery Monday to Friday also.  Mrs Agata Shafi (PSA) is helping in nursery in the afternoons too! Miss Forbes will work more closely with Mrs Lemmon, providing the nursery a link to a teacher, as per requirements.

Please look at our notice boards for updated staff profiles, coming soon.

Key Worker/Childcare Plan Updates

Due to staffing changes, the key worker that you and your child works with may change. The nursery team will speak with you if this is the case.  Also, it is time for all Childcare Plans to be reviewed. Please see your Key Worker about this.  If you would like a meeting to discuss/update the plan fully, the team will make an appointment for you.  If you would like to scan and check and sign within nursery time, that is possible too.  Thank you.

Sensory Room



We have been using our £1500 grant from Scotland’s Government Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) Inclusion Fund.  We have ordered resources for turning our “quiet room” into a sensory room.  This will support all children, and particularly children with Additional Support Needs, such as Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC).  Until then, the space is being used as a space area, with stars, lights, spaceships and rockets.  Have a look!

New Pupils – January Starts

New children and families will be joining us over the coming month.  We have 8 new pupils joining us in the morning, and 3 in the afternoon. We look forward to welcoming and getting to know them all.  Please, as you always do, make them feel part of our welcoming nursery.

Early TalkBoost


Mrs Barkovska has worked with a group of children in morning and afternoons in the programme called Early TalkBoost.

Early Talkboost supports:

·         Attention and listening as a foundation skill for speaking and listening

·         Developing vocabulary; as research shows that children with weaker vocabularies are at risk of difficulties with reading

·         Building sentences; putting words together is a vital skill for having conversations and telling stories

Mrs Barkovska will be in touch with some other families to start a new group this term.


P1 Applications

If your child is in their pre-school year, it is now the time to apply for their place in P1.


Various messages have been sent to you via GroupCall, and other information is available on our school website:


For the first time, applications are online.  If you have any queries about this, please simply ask.  As with all technological changes, there will be bugs/small issues.  Aberdeen City Council have a team of people working on this, and hopefully with the training Mr Markey, Mrs Mutch and myself have received, all will be plain sailing.


The Great Outdoors!


Following national guidance, we aim to offer children the opportunity to go outside every day, no matter the weather.

1.25 I can choose to have an active life and participate in a range of recreational, social, creative, physical and learning activities every day, both indoors and outdoors.

1.32 As a child, I play outdoors every day and regularly explore a natural environment.

2.24 I make informed choices and decisions about the risks I take in my daily life and am encouraged to take positive risks which enhance the quality of my life.

Health and Social Care Standards, Scottish Government, 2017


Please ensure your child comes to nursery in appropriate clothing.

We do have some spare wellies and outdoor suits we can use.

However, some children do prefer their own jackets, hats and scarves, etc.




January 2019

February 2019
Mon 7th: Start of Term

Thurs 10th: 2pm, Nursery Induction Meeting (new families only)

Thurs 10th: Pre-Schoolers Vision Screening

Tues 22nd: School ceilidh for pupils

Thurs 24th: School ceilidh for families (am/pm, letter to follow)

Fri 25th: Burns’ Day

Fri 25th: Nursery Application Forms to be returned by today

Mon 4th – Wed 6th: Childsmile Fluoride Application


Tues 12th: IN-SERVICE DAY – school closed to pupils

Wed 13th:  IN-SERVICE DAY – school closed to pupils


Thank you for taking your time to read this newsletter.

Miss Forbes, Depute Head Teacher 😊