The Spectacular, Fantastic Fun Ceilidh 2019: A Review by P3

We had a very busy week in school with our ceilidh and performances for parents. Here is what Primary 3 thought about it all:


“All of the boys and girls were amazing at the ceilidh! I tried the empire biscuits. It was amazing.” -Mathea and Aashir

On Thursday we made empire biscuits and they were yummy. We did a poem and an amazing dance.” – Samanta and Angelos

The ceilidh was fun.” -Battal

We felt proud. It was marvellous. We made Empire Biscuits in class and they were delicious.”   -Callista and Viktoria

The empire biscuits were delicious! Yum!” -Samira

In the ceilidh I was nervous and scared! The empire biscuits were tasty.” – Stella and Kevinas

The Empire biscuits were delicious!” -Samira and Battal

“I thought the ceilidh was ok. It was tiring. The ceilidh was delightful.” – Daria and Aiden

“I felt fantastic at the ceilidh.” – Gaseem

The ceilidh was fun! I was feeling a bit shy because a lot of people were watching.” – Nicole

“We liked making empire biscuits.” Megan and Dhai

I thought it was amazing but I was a bit embarrassed.” – Elliot

We think that the P6’s dance looked the trickiest. The empire biscuits were amazing! We loved it all.” – Kacper and Lillia

“We made empire biscuits and did a ceilidh dance. It was fun.” – Jeeyoon and Kamrul