Nursery Drop off /Pick up and Punctuality Reminders

In line with our Nursery Policies we have been reviewing our drop off and pick up procedure.

During this review it was highlighted that sometimes parents come back early to pick up their child and are late for drop off.


As nursery is so busy, staff unfortunately don’t always see or hear parents arrive and this can be unsettling for the children.


We have also noticed that parents are coming into/leaving nursery and are not closing the doors behind them which is a risk to children.

In order to tighten up this procedure and keep all children safe we will now be locking the nursery doors outwith drop off and pick up times.

If you require to pick your child up early please let a member of staff know so we can inform the office to expect you and we will bring your child to you.

We will not be able to let parents in to the building before drop off times due to health and safety issues. We ask that parents stick to our flexible 20 minute drop off and pick up time, this enables us to settle the children and engage them in their learning as quickly as possible.


If you have any questions please speak to a member of the nursery team.


Morning Nursery Afternoon Nursery
Drop Off 8.30-8.50 am


Drop Off 12.20 -12.40 pm
Pick Up 11.20-11.40 am Pick Up 3.10-3.30 pm