Lovely feedback from a Parent Council event!

A parent commented…

Was a great afternoon! Seemed like a big hit with all, hopefully lots of people keen to help out next time 😊 Happy Valentine’s Day!”


Thank you to all who attended, supported and then completed the feedback survey.


Other feedback below:

Did YOU enjoy today’s craft session?

100% respondents – YES

Did your CHILD enjoy today’s craft session?

100% respondents – YES

What was good about today’s session?

  • Making cards
  • Lots of different things to do, getting kids to be creative and nice there was refreshments too
  • The kids were having fun, esp with couple of crafts!
  • Range of activities
  • Was really good and very entertaining for the children
  • To collaborate together
  • That kids could create ,create,create…
  • A variety of different activities available
  • All of the organisation was very good. Good time to spend with kids and other parents
  • Lots of activities for children



Some Improvement Comments/Points for next time:

  • Less choice in timescale we had
  • It was a bit hectic , maybe get only so many at a table till there done then go to the next
  • To do it more often 🙂
  • Everything was great
  • Nothing
  • All of the parents and kids should be involved in tidying up.