What is a PEEP group? How can it help both me and my child?

Parents are their children’s first and most important educators.

Research indicates that having a positive home learning environment in the early years is the single most influential factor in children’s outcomes throughout childhood, all the way to the age of 18.

Today, we held a short information session about PEEP groups.  Read on and watch the videos below for more information.



What is PEEP?

“PEEP” stands for Parents as Early Education Partners.


What is a PEEP Group?

Put simply, it’s small informal group sessions, with parents, children and teachers/educators having fun and working together to ensure our children and parents achieve their potential. It’s all about teamwork and achievement.


Who has created it?

It has been researched and developed by the charity Peeple.  https://www.peeple.org.uk/


What is a normal group session like?

What do parents and children learn?

The parents and teachers will work together to decide on a programme of topics that suit their needs and interests.  Themes and activities will be picked from the Peep Learning together Programme.



What is PEEP?


What kind of things do we discuss? 

How does is help parents? Do parents enjoy it? 


What’s in it for me as a parent? How can it help me?

Miss Forbes is attending training next week to see how parents who attend these PEEP groups can choose to gain City & Guilds Accreditation for work and play that they naturally do with their child, recording development in an easy and meaningful form.