PEEP Group 14.3.19 – Looking after ‘me’

Everyday activities and routines such as washing, cleaning teeth, brushing hair etc provide opportunities for children to become aware of their own bodies and to begin learning how to look after themselves.


These are also good life skills which will support their growing independence and are important for their self-esteem and confidence as they grow older.


Today we talked about and did an activity based on the importance of hand-washing.


Look at our photos!

Making hand-prints for our PEEP display!


Our parents encouraging their children to get messy!


A hand-print plate to take home to remember the message of “Wash you Hands!”


Wash, wash, wash you hands, wash the germs away! If you don’t you might get ill and that would spoil your day!


All the germs are gone! Now our hands are really soft!


Here were the songs we sang today: