Internet Safety – Links for Guidance

Internet Safety

Our children love to use the internet – especially to play games and to communicate with their friends. The way they start using computers and the guidance they are given at this young age can set them on the right path to being safer in later life.


At our school we ensure that our children are taught the basic tips of Internet Safety in every year group.


We recently had an Internet Safety Day.  It was run by Paul Hay who is an expert in Internet Safety.  Paul worked with the teachers to lead an assembly and run class lessons.

For the younger years, we use a cartoon which was created by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency (CEOPs).

You can see the cartoon on YouTube by clicking here.


It tells the children the 4 Top Tips they need to remember.

  • Top Tip 1 : People you don’t know are strangers. They’re not always who they say they are.

  • Top Tip 2 : Be nice to people on the computer like you would in the playground.

  • Top Tip 3 : Keep your personal information private.

  • Top Tip 4 : If you ever get that ‘uh oh’ feeling, you should tell a grown-up you trust.




For the older year groups, we had a special lesson to help them understand social media and how to be careful using it.

They were shown a video to help understand.

You can see that video on YouTube by clicking here



It is important for all parents to learn about how children use the internet so they can carry on the discussion with their own children at home.

Paul has provided links to useful sites to learn more about Internet Safety and watch other related videos.


Here is the site


Paul is also happy for parents to contact him with any questions you may have.



“Digital Parenting” magazine

An organisation called Parentzone have created a great magazine for parents to help them understand how young people use the internet and provide help.

Click here to download your own copy  


Hot Topics


• The “Momo Challange”

There is a lot of concern around the “Momo Challange. This is actually a hoax. These links should help you understand more about how the myth has spread.

• Parents Guide to Fortnite

• Parents Guide to Tik Tok

• Snapchat Snap Map

and setting “Ghost Mode”

• Parent’s Guide to Young Children and Screen Time—a-guide-for-parents-and-carers.pdf



Links to sites with useful information


Advice for Parents and Guardians


• Parent Zone Digital Parenting Guide

(previous editions can be found HERE )

• Parent Zone Parent Guides to apps, games and social media sites

• NSPCC and O2 Internet Safety Advice

• UK Safer Internet Centre

• Childnet

• Get Safe Online

• Think you know

• CEOP – Report Abuse Site

• PEGI Game Age ratings

• Report Illegal Content

• Create a Family Agreement template

• Resource for parent guide for good apps and games for young people

• A Parents Guide to Building Girls’ Body Confidence

• Parents Guide to Pokemon Go

• Parent’s Guide to Minecraft



Controlling Apps and Websites

• Advice for parents for many apps and sites

• Safety and Privacy Settings for Social Media Apps

• Facebook Safety Advice

• Instagram Tips for Parents

• Snapchat Safety Centre

•  Twitter Safety and Security

• Google Safe Search

• YouTube Restricted Mode


Controlling Devices


• Advice for parents for many devices

• iPad and iPhones – Setting up restrictions

• Google/ Android – Family Link

• Android Tablet – Setting up controls

• Google Play – Parental guide

• Xbox – Setting up parental controls

• Playstation – Setting up parental controls

• Microsoft Windows – Family Safety

• Nintendo Switch – Parental controls

• Amazon Fire Tablet – Setting up controls


People to talk to

For Young People:


Children can talk in confidence to ;

Childline on 0800 1111 – calls to this number are free and will not be listed on the telephone bill

or can click on this link


For Adults:


Samaritans provide confidential emotional support for people, if you are worried, feel upset or confused and just want to talk. You can:

Phone on 116 123   (the number is free to call)
Email the Samaritans: