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Download our free Bookbug app to share songs and rhymes on the go, look up new words or make up your own songs and rhymes to our new instrumental versions! Apps can be great for supporting children’s learning and encouraging play and creativity. Bookbug’s Songs and Rhymes app is one more way to fit songs and rhymes into your day and it’s here to support you as you play and sing with your wee one.
Explore the app together and create your own personalised playlists. You can also use the app to find your nearest Bookbug Session!
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Bookbug’s top tips for using tech with toddlers

Use screens together
Screen time should be together time. Using an app together can provide lots of opportunity for great chat. Natural and fun interaction helps children’s language development.
Protect play and reading time
When you’ve finished with your device, put it away and play! Digital play is fun, but try to balance it with other types of play; playing outdoors, building blocks and reading stories together.
Monitor your own screen time around your child
Staring at our phone can seem like we’ve ‘disappeared’ to our children, and knowing someone is mentally present is key to security and emotional balance.
Soothe without screens
Children might want screens if they are upset, but instead, cuddle, talk and listen to them about what has happened. This helps them learn to calm themselves.
Create positive digital relationships
Technology should work with us, not against us. Be clear about why you’re using digital tools to make them work for you and your family.
Avoid screens before bedtime
Some evidence suggests they can affect how well you sleep and stop you falling asleep easily.
Choose apps carefully
Try them out yourself first. Not all apps are good quality. Apps that promote interaction and digital play with you are better than just watching a screen.
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