P2/3 and P3 Learning through their historical world (Ancient Egypt)

Primary 2/3 and Primary 3 have really enjoyed our first couple of weeks of Term 4.

Our context for learning this term is Our Historical World. At the beginning of term we had the chance to vote for our theme. We found out some interesting facts about 5 themes:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Mayans
  • Vikings
  • Inventors
  • 1960s

Have a look here: https://prezi.com/p/lhfuzmjmonyg/t4-topic-choices/

After two rounds of voting, we chose Ancient Egypt!

The two classes have been very busy learning;

  • how to retell a story,
  • how to write a letter,
  • about how Ancient Egyptians recorded information,
  • the science they used to make a mummy!