Wonderful Outdoors “Busy-ness” and Lots of Learning!

Wowee! What a busy day the boys and girls in nursery had outside today.

They helped renew the sand in the sandpit, using teamwork, strength and perseverance to carry and empty the sand bags.

They learned about a water butt, and how to fill it up. This took teamwork and patience too!

They helped some P5 and P6 girls create a fairy garden to help us be creative and imaginative when we are playing.

And some children wanted to plant their own plants too.

So much “busy-ness” and so much learning, learning about:

  • maths – filling/emptying, volume/capacity, weight, and the conservation of water
  • language – new words to describe all the things we were doing, and ordering our sentences to describe it
  • problem solving – how will we get the water from the tap to the water butt? how will we let people know it’s not to drink and only for playing with or watering the garden?
  • health and well-being – having fun outside, coordination, working our bodies and muscles hard to complete a challenge
  • social and other learning skills – focus, determination, teamwork, taking turns, patience… and FUN!

Have a look at our photos which let you see all of our play and learning!