Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education (RSHP) – Primary 5, 6 & 7

Dear Parent/Carer

Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education (RSHP) – Primary 5, 6 & 7


This term, as part of the ongoing Health and Wellbeing curriculum, the senior classes (Primary 5, 6 and 7) will be involved in the school’s RSHP programme.

The programme is very much based on family life, positive relationships and making healthy life choices.  It provides accurate and relevant information about the mental, emotional, social and physical changes that children and young people will experience.  Linking with the wider Health and Wellbeing curriculum, it reflects on beliefs and attitudes, self-awareness and self-esteem, respect, responsibility and resilience.


Some of the Resources Used


“Living and Growing” (Channel 4)


Along with school/class resources/activities, the delivery of this area of the curriculum is supported by a Channel 4 series and related worksheets, known as “Living and Growing.”  Below is a summary of contents of the Living and Growing Series from P5 onwards.


Key Learning Themes in Living and Growing DVD Programmes

Primary 5

Unit 1 & part of Unit 2

Programme 1 – Differences

Programme 2 – How Did I Get Here?

Programme 4 – Changes (Puberty)

Primary 6

Review of P5 content & Unit 2

Programme 4 – Changes (Puberty)

Programme 5 – How Babies Are Made

Programme 6 – How Babies Are Born

Primary 7

Review of P5 & P6 content & Unit 3

Programme 7 – Girl Talk

Programme 8 – Boy Talk

Programme 9 – Let’s Talk About Sex



“FREE” DVD (Stonewall Productions) – “difference, diversity and respect”


“FREE” follows four primary aged children as they begin to explore their identity and what makes them unique.  Each chapter focuses on different issues a young person might encounter as part of growing up. These include gender stereotypes, different family types, supportive friendships, understanding the terms lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) and related issues.



RSHP Scotland – new for 2019 –


This is a new and developing resource for RSHP education. It is being supported and developed by a partnership of NHS Boards, Local Authorities, Education Scotland, Scottish Government and Third Sector agencies.


Its aim is for RSHP to meet the changing context of learners’ needs, whether that is in terms of concerns we may have for children and young people – the influence of pornography, negative experiences of social media or partner violence – or positive cultural shifts such as a better understanding of the rights of learners with disabilities or LGBT young people


Of course, children and young people do not just learn in formal settings, they also learn at home and so our RSHP resources need to make that connection and recognise the role of parents and carers as the child’s first and lifelong educator.  Please see your GROUPCALL text message (coming soon) for a link to home resources to support discussion and learning in this area.







Reply slip required (see attached):


I would be grateful if you could complete the attached slip, indicating whether you wish your child to participate in the school’s RSHP Programme. It should be returned to the class teacher by Friday 24 May 2019.


Also, we do offer you the chance to come to school and view the materials and some activities.


A parents’ information session will be held on Tuesday 28 May 2019 from 3.30 – 4.30pm, in the P5 classroom.  Our P5, P6, P7 teachers will be there, along with Miss Forbes, to answer any questions you may have.


Or, if you would like to view the “Living and Growing” and/or “Free” DVD in your own time, please contact the school office, where we would be happy to arrange to lend it to you.



Yours sincerely

Gillian Forbes

Depute Head Teacher




Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood Education (RSHP) – Primary 5, 6 & 7

“Living and Growing” (Channel 4 Series) & “FREE” (Stonewall Productions)




I give permission for my child to participate in the school’s RSHP Programme.


YES                        NO


I wish to come to the parents’ meetings to view the materials and get more information.


YES                      NO




To help the teachers prepare for the parents’ information session, and their class lessons, please note down any questions, thoughts or concerns you may have relating to RSHP:































Child’s Name:                                                                                              Class:                       


Signature of parent/guardian:                                                                Date: