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Welcome back!

Welcome back to all children, mum, dads, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandads, childminders and of course, our wonderful nursery team.  A special welcome must go to our new families who are starting at Hanover Street in August/September. Welcome to being part of the team!

We hope you all had a restful but fun summer and enjoyed the wonderful sunshine and weren’t too scared by the thunder and lightning.  It’s great to see you all back with a lovely smile on your faces.


We welcome some new staff members to our team:

  • Miss Rosie Smith has joined us from Tullos School, as the Nursery Class Teacher. She is here Tuesday to Friday;
  • Mrs Laura Henderson has joined us as an EYP on Mondays and Tuesdays; and
  • Mrs Kelly Smith is a trainee EYP, here on Monday to Wednesdays.

They will all happily introduce themselves to you all, if they haven’t done so already and we welcome them all with open arms into our nursery.  Have a look at our staff profiles on display outside the nursery to find out a little more about them!☺



Entry into nursery – AM/PM Doors

AM children and families will enter nursery in the door furthest from the stairs, PM in the nearest door.  The cloakroom areas may be busy, so we ask that all bags and shoes get taken home each day with your children.  This will also help improve health and safety/cleaning.  Thank you.


Nursery Times – Punctuality

A reminder of drop off and pick up times for nursery:


  Drop-off Play and Learning Time Pick-up
Morning Nursery 8.30 – 8.50am 8.50 – 11.20am 11.20 – 11.40am
Afternoon Nursery 12.20 – 12.40pm 12.40 – 3.10pm 3.10 – 3.30pm


We ask that as far as possible, all children are dropped off and picked up promptly. The nursery is a busy place and the teacher and SEYP organise staff and activities within a tight timeframe, so please do respect these times.


If you have older children, they are welcome to come in to nursery with you, to drop off your child by 8.50am, and then you can join them in their class line in the playground at 9am.  Likewise, at the end of the day, you can meet your older child in the playground at 3.15pm, then come up and collect your nursery child after, before 3.30pm.  Thank you.

Inspection Reports

This year has been a busy year in nursery and school with inspections!  We had Care Inspectorate visit us in February 2019, and Education Scotland in May 2019.  Thank you to all who supported and contributed as part of the inspection process. It was informative, supportive and gave us clear next steps to continue progressing.


Reports are available here:


Both reports are printed and on display in cloakroom areas in the nursery for your reference also.


Wow Wall!

After the successful Care Inspectorate inspection in February, and when we reviewed our Early Learners’ Aims in March, we added an important phrase – “recognising and celebrating successes.”

Miss Forbes started it off by taking the nursery team to the Locked Door Escape Games, to give the team a well-earned pat on the back! And we all must tell you that Mrs Scott solved the first clue!!! 😉

But of course, we also want to recognise and celebrate the children and families’ successes too!  Look out for our “WOW WALL” in nursery, where we will detail and display successes of the nursery community. Please do let us know if your child achieves something special so we can share this.


Key Workers and Childcare Plans

Key Workers will be meeting with families soon in the regular review of Childcare Plans.  Under legislation, we must review these plans at least every 6 months, and a plan must be created for new families, within 6 months of starting nursery.  We have labelled our key groups this year:

  • Red (Mrs Gauld & Mrs Scott)
  • Blue (Mrs Barkovska & Mrs Smith)
  • Green (Miss Smith & Mrs Lemmon)
  • Yellow (Miss Anderson & Mrs Henderson)


Please remember – you are always supported by the whole team – not just your key worker.

Supporting Learning at Home – Display and PEEP group

Have a look in the cloakroom areas to see what our learning focuses are each week. We learn through lots of play and suggest play activities/discussions which could support further learning at home.


Miss Forbes will be starting a new PEEP group this term.  PEEP stands for ‘Parents as Early Education Partners’, and is a fun, informal group where we chat together with parents and children, read stories, sing songs and share hints/tips together, further promoting a positive home learning environment.  Look out for posters soon!


School Website and Twitter

If you haven’t done so already, please take time to familiarise yourself with the school website . On here, you can keep up to date with recent and forthcoming events, newsletters, developments, etc.  The website also links to Twitter, where you can follow us on:   @HanoverStSch

Useful Reminders…

●        Please make sure your child has a jacket with them every day – we go outside come rain or shine!

●        Always sign your child in and out – use your own names as parents please – we want to get to know you as individuals to help build a strong relationship.  We believe that being a mummy/daddy is a part of you, but not the whole of you.

Thank you for your time in reading this newsletter!

Miss Gillian Forbes, DHT 😊