Termly Health and Safety Reminders

Please take time to read the following.

Please also share with other adults who are involved in the care of your child, and dropping off and picking up.

Thank you.

  1. Car Parking – Car parks are for staff only. Some families with a disability parking badge are permitted to use them. Please remember that children and adults should not walk through the car park – they should enter the school via the main gate (see below).
  2. Entering/Leaving the school – When you enter/leave the school, please make sure you close the gate. It is a heavy gate, but you are able to close it.  It’s deliberately heavy so that it can stay shut and keep children safe in the playground.  See also: https://hanover.aberdeen.sch.uk/2019/05/23/school-security-and-access-for-parents/
  3. Lining Up – Please stand well back once the children are lined up. There is a white boundary line in the infant playground. It is important that the teachers have a clear view of their classes. Thank you.
  4. Termly Head Lice Reminder – Please continue to check heads regularly.  Guidance can be viewed by clicking on the links here: https://hanover.aberdeen.sch.uk/2019/05/06/termly-reminder-head-lice-detection-and-treatment-2/ 
  5. Hand-washing, coughing and sneezing– We are all now back to school, already our 4th week back! We are spending more time with each other and naturally sharing each others’ germs.  A reminder of some basic hygiene rules are below.
  6. Routines – As we all get back into the routines of back to school, please remind children to take home water bottles, left over snacks and/or packed lunches.    Packed lunch waste should betaken home in the packed lunch boxes for binning at home.

Thank you everyone in taking the time to read this post.  We very much appreciate it.