Parent Council AGM Minutes

Please find attached the minutes of yesterday’s Parent Council AGM.

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Hanover Street School Parent Council AGM Minutes 12.9.19



Hanover Street School

Parent Council AGM Minutes

Thursday 12 September 2019


Minutes/Discussion Action(s)
  1. Introductions and explaining format of meeting


In the absence of a chairperson, Miss Forbes described the format of the meeting. Miss Forbes took minutes in the absence of a secretary.


Everyone introduced themselves.



Alan Markey (HT)

Gillian Forbes (DHT)






Michael (Local Councillor)


2.    Apologies


Apologies were received from Michaela


3.    Parent Council Chairperson’s Report


No report was given due to absence of chairperson.



  1. Head Teacher’s Report


Mr Markey spoke briefly about the successes of last session, culminating in the Education Scotland inspection in May, and the recent publication of the report (available on school website). We all agreed that the feedback was fair and expected and we are clear in next steps.  This will be discussed in fuller detail in next PC meeting.


He then spoke forthcoming developments in school. These included:

·         Continuing in development of writing

·         Developing reading assessment processes

·         Mental maths/numeracy assessment and tracking has been developed, this will extend this year into wider “mathematics” assessment processes

·         Visible Learning – we are now into our second year of this project

·         Closing the Gap/PEF Money – mostly being spent on Support for Learning/Additional Support teaching and learning



  1. Treasurer’s Report


There is currently £4416.13 in the Parent Council account.

Accounts require to be audited (Jodie volunteered to do this) before submission to the council.



  1. Appointment of Office Bearers and Committee


Chairperson – Hannah (interim)

Secretary – Jodie

Treasurer – Zoe (she has had her post of treasurer for 2 years, and all are happy for her to continue in this role).  Zoe was thanked for her efforts in this important task.


* Miss Forbes to pass minutes to chair, contact Donna Cuthill and advise re training for office bearers

7.    Planned Events/Meetings, 2019-20


Regular events were discussed:

–       3 discos (October, Easter and summer)

–       Potential Bingo Night – Monday 30 September, tbc.

–       Winter fair – dates discussed, tbc.

–       Pudsey day in November for Children in Need suggested

* Miss Forbes to share disco contact details with Hannah/

Jodie for organising disco dates.


* Mr Markey to see staff re bingo night for children after retiral of Mrs Murray.



8.    Projected Outlays for 2019-20


Regular outlays were discussed:

– P7 hoodies subsidy

– Christmas Panto treat

– Buses for trips



9.    Any Other Council Business (AOCB) (Parent Council)


–       Other ideas for P7 leavers celebration was discussed

–       Uniform bank going well and already some families have benefited from it




*Parent Council to promote in playground with other parents

*Miss Forbes to continue termly reminders via Groupcall



10. Date and time of next meeting


Thursday 26th September 2019, at 3.30pm in Dining Room



* Hannah and Jodie to consult with Mr Markey and Miss Forbes re potential agenda (main point being bingo night and inspection feedback)