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Hanover Street School


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Welcome back!

A huge welcome back to everyone, we hope you all had a brilliant holiday.4 weeks back already!!! It is great to be back and see all the happy and excited faces ready for the year ahead after recharging the batteries over the summer holidays.

We wish everyone a happy and successful school year. As always, should you have any concerns please contact the school office and we will be happy to assist you as best we can.

Alan Markey

Head Teacher

Staffing Update

We have welcomed Miss Rosie Smith, Mrs Laura Henderson and Mrs Kelly Smith into our Nursery this year. We have also welcomed Miss Jennifer Bloomfield in P5 and probationer Mr Graham Robertson in P7. They are all quickly settling into life at Hanover Street School!

Parent Council/PTA

We held our annual AGM on Thursday 12th September. We are delighted to announce that Miss Hannah Davidson will be Chairperson of our parent council, Miss Zoe Cox will continue her role as treasurer and Mrs Jodie Gray will be secretary. We would like to thank them all for their support and dedication, we look forward to working with you all in the year ahead.

P1 Milk

The Scottish Government funds free milk for all under 5 children. In the past, Aberdeen City Council has funded free milk for all children in P1 from a central budget, but this additional cost is now to be passed on to individual schools. It has been agreed therefore that free milk in Hanover Street School will be available to those P1 children who are under 5 only from now on. Milk will continue to be available to all children at lunchtime.



In order to streamline our communication with you, and in an effort to be more eco friendly, this is the last newsletter which will be issued in paper form. In future, most information will be communicated using the GroupCall e-mail system. It is therefore very important that we have an up to date email address for you. Newsletters and other information will continue to always be available on the school website.


We have seen an improvement in the number of pupils wearing school uniform. We would like to see a continued improvement in this. The uniform bank is available in school so please contact the school if you would like to access this. Thank you to all of those who have helped shape our uniform bank.

Gym kit

Children may undertake PE-related activities on any day of the week. A PE kit consists of shorts, T-Shirt and indoor shoes. This should be brought to school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday for washing.

Cashless Catering and Free School Meals

School lunches remain free of charge for all pupils in P1, 2 & 3. We are encouraging all those families who think they may be entitled to free school meals for their child to contact the school office for further information. This will increase our ability to access Pupil Equity funding. For those paying for lunches, they now cost £2.20 and payment should be made on-line. Please note that information for topping up School Dinner cards is available in the information section on the school website.

Absence Notification

Please notify the school if your child is to be absent for any reason. It is also important that you complete the general permission and medical information sheet to allow us to contact you in an emergency.


General reminders

  1. Road Safety- Please be careful and act responsibly crossing the roads. We do not have lollipop ladies at the moment and it is important that we are demonstrating road safety to all the children. Please see to support this.
  2. Lateness – Please ensure that your child arrives at school on time for a 9.00am start, being late on several occasions can seriously disrupt your child’s education. We thank for you co-operation in this matter.
  3. Clothing/Personal belongings -Please label all children’s clothing and belongings. We already have a large amount of unclaimed property.
  4. Car Parking – Car parks are for staff only. Some families with a disability parking badge are permitted to use them. Please remember that children and adults should not walk through the car park – they should enter the school via the main gate (see below).
  5. Entering/Leaving the school– When you enter/leave the school, please make sure you close the gate. It is a heavy gate, but you are able to close it.  It’s deliberately heavy so that it can stay shut and keep children safe in the playground.  See also:
  6. Lining Up– Please stand well back once the children are lined up. There is a white boundary line in the infant playground. It is important that the teachers have a clear view of their classes. Thank you.
  7. Termly Head Lice Reminder– Please continue to check heads regularly.  Guidance can be viewed by clicking on the links
  8. here: 
  9. Routines– As we all get back into the routines of back to school, please remind children to take home water bottles, left over snacks and/or packed lunches.    Packed lunch waste should betaken home in the packed lunch box
  10. Jewellery – No jewellery of any sort can be worn during a PE activity. All jewellery, including earrings, must be removed. Stud earrings may be covered with tape, which you must provide. P1 and P2 children will be helped to remove jewellery. If jewellery cannot be removed or covered, then your child will not be allowed to take part in the PE lesson
  11. Volunteers – Please let us know if you can volunteer to help at school. We would welcome support for our new garden and community groups!


Dates for your Diary:

*please note that more events may appear as the year progresses and may not be noted here. You will receive notification of such events.

Mon 30 September – Friday 4 October Maths Week Scotland
Mon 30 September Bingo Night

Time TBC

Wednesday 9 October


4.30pm – 7.30pm

Open Evening
Monday 14 October – Friday 25 October October Holiday
Monday 28 October Term 2 starts
Thursday 21 November In-service day (School closed to pupils)
Friday 22 November In-service day (School closed to pupils)
Monday 18 November – Sunday 24 November Book Week Scotland
Tuesday 10 December @10.00am P1-3 Nativity
Wednesday 11 December @ 10.00am P1-3 Nativity
Friday 20  December Christmas Service @ Citadel

Term Ends