Super nursery to the rescue – saving the city’s Christmas tree!!!

Our nursery boys and girls helped save the city’s Christmas tree!

On Wednesday, the boys and girls went for a community walk to the Castlegate to see the decorated tree. OH NO!! Some of the Christmas baubles had been blown off!  The nursery boys and girls picked them up and thought, “What will we do with them?”

Mrs Barkovska thought about taking them back to nursery. But the responsible boys and girls said, “No! We have to give them back!”  So on they plodded to Marischal College, our council’s ‘ headquarters, and handed them into reception.

The lady at reception was delighted and said we should be very proud of ourselves. We are!

Well done boys and girls!  We are so proud of you – REAL heroes and saving Christmas for the whole of Aberdeen!


*Each year, the city is gifted a Norway spruce from the people of Stavanger, which is decorated and its lights switched on during a special service.  This year’s switch-on ceremony takes place on Thursday 28 November at at 7pm and will be led by Lord Provost of Aberdeen Barney Crockett and Deputy Mayor of Stavanger, Bjorg Tysdal Moe.