Book Fair Info From the Library Committee

Book Fair Letter December 2019

Library Committee

Hello. We are the library committee.

We are helping to organise the Scholastic Book Fair!

It has arrived and will be picked up on Tuesday 10 December.



What we would like classes to do:

*with their teacher, to sign up to a slot for looking at the books and making a dream list. This will happen on Friday 6 December.

*children to take their list home and talk about it over the weekend – remember, you maybe can’t get everything on your list!

*children to come and pay for books on a class slot on Monday 9 December

*teachers to choose a time for classes to visit the book fair on these days (timetables are in the staffroom)


Why are we doing this?

*Miss Forbes told us we have an account with Scholastic Books. After things get sold, we get commission or rewards. We can then use these rewards to buy more books for our library!


What else do I need to know:

*Everything is half price!


*You can get MORE for your MONEY with Book Fair gift vouchers!

*Buying a pre-paid gift voucher gives you 20% extra free to spend at the Book Fair. (You can get a £6 voucher for only £5, £12 voucher for £10, £18 voucher for £15, £24 voucher for £20, £30 voucher for £25!)


*With this AND the items being half price it’s a great deal!


*Once a gift-voucher purchase has been made, you will receive the voucher in an email which can be printed and given to your child – much safer to carry than cash!


*If there is none left of the book you wanted, we can order another one. You will get it at half price too.


*The book fair will be available after school also, on Friday and Monday, for parents and families to buy.