Project ❤️ Love Yourself, Love Your World! Choose Healthy, Nutritious, Sustainable Food

Our Eco Committee led project is based on the vision of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, to set out a positive vision for the future. We have three areas we decided to address, Litter, Health And Well Being, And Food And the Environment.

Our project aims to teach our pupils about food sustainability. We want them to understand the wider environmental implications of our food choices. We also aim to reduce carbon emissions associated with food by encouraging the growing and consumption of our own food and understand the range of food choices available to us.

After a lot of time spent researching healthy foods and recipes, Our Eco Cooking Club is now up and running. We have been fortunate to have received a grant of £394 from The Aberdeen City Health Improvement Fund For 2019. We are using these funds to purchase cooking equipment and basic ingredients. We have also purchased pick up sticks for our litter patrols, in our playground and wider community.

We are working with Lieutenant Helen Froud of the Salvation Army on the Zero Waste initiative, receiving ingredients for our recipes from Community Food Initiatives North East (CFINE).

We will post our recipes and video demonstrations on our YouTube channel. Members of the Eco Cooking Club will have the opportunity to take home the ingredients to cook at home. Keep a look out in our playground, as we will be offering taster samples of the food we cook.

We have also received a grant of £240 from the Community Food Growing Fund. This fund will enable every class in school to plant and care for their own crop of food. Details to follow when the weather improves!