Apply for a nursery school place 2020/2021

Nursery applications are now open for session 2020/2021.

All the information required is available here on the Council’s website:


We have downloaded the policy and forms, etc, and they are here also:

ELC Admissions Policy 2020 Approved 12.11.2019_0



Please note this is considerably different to previous years – entitlement to available time in nurseries is approximately doubling (600 hours, to 1140 hours).  However, there is no obligation for parents to take up the full entitlement.

At Hanover Street, instead of the current  morning and afternoon places, as of August 2020 places for 9.00am to 3.00pm are offered.  

This will reduce the number of places available at Hanover Street, so we strongly advise that you apply for other settings.  This may be other Local Authority Settings, Registered Childminders, and/or Funded Provider Settings, as detailed in the application guidance above.

Please be patient with us. This is an exciting time for early years, yet it is a time of considerable change.  Practices will need to be adapted and questions will come up daily from parents, families and indeed staff.


Thank you.

Miss Forbes 🙂