PEEP Group Today – Becoming a reader! Sssshh!

5 mummies and their children came to PEEP group today!


We talked about “Becoming a Reader” and how to support your child in doing so.

We looked at books with repetition, no words, lots of words, rhythm and rhyme, big pictures, lots of little detailed pictures. We talked about the pictures before we even looked at the words!

We read “Lullabyhullaballoo!” by Mick Inkpen.  We said “ssh!” a lot, and stamped our feet like giants.


We sang some songs, with actions, then made a PEEP sign for our updated PEEP wall in the Dining Room.

How can you help your child to become a reader at home? Here are some ideas!

Topic handout – EL Becoming a reader

Next week we are developing on “becoming a writer!”  We will be making lots of mess and movement and hopefully making a wee writing pack to take home!

Why don’t you come along?