Can you help us with our loose parts plea!

Can you help us?

One of our early learners’ aims is to:

“promote active learning and development through indoor and outdoor play, where learners’ curiosity, independence, thinking and creativity is challenged and extended.”

To develop this, we want to extend our use of loose parts!


What are “Loose Parts”?

Have you ever given your child an expensive toy, for them to go on to play with the cardboard box?

A cardboard box is an example of a ‘loose part’.


And so is a stick!



Loose parts:

  • are materials that when given to our children, they can become anything they wish, from creating and making a robot to constructing their own den.
  • can be used freely to create, explore textures and develop curiosity and imagination.
  • have no directions and no instructions. Children can make their own decision about how to use the loose parts.
  • can provide great sensory play experiences, developing new language and understanding of concepts and ideas.


To help us in our play (young children’s learning!), we are collecting loose parts for nursery and Primary 1!


Scavenger Hunt for Loose Parts!

Over the next few weeks, can you bring in some or as many of the following?

Please don’t spend any money!

We think there will be plenty of these things lying around our homes, etc.


Natural Objects

Things around the house Old clothes, accessories, etc For outside use For

tinker table


Wooden spoons Shirts Guttering

Food packing (with different languages welcome!)


Old keys and/or padlocks Sheets Milk crates




make-up, pastry, paint, shaving, nailbrushes toothbrushes

Scarves Buckets

Nuts, bolts and washers

Pebbles/Larger stones

Cotton Reels Old/broken watches Baking trays

Old cassette or video tapes

Old buttons

Hats Metal/

wood kitchen utensils

Any old small electrical appliances/hardware to take apart (e.g. clocks, keyboards…)

Old tape reels


Wine corks Chiffon/



More info available on loose parts here: